Pinch Of Nom, Comfort Food: The new book from the sensational food bloggers

A copy of the front cover of the book

PINCH OF NOM is a blog that has spawned bestselling books and the latest title from the team, subtitled Comfort Food, is out in the UK on 9 December, just in time for Christmas.

Here, we look at what to expect from the fourth book from Pinch of Nom, from the brand’s history to the recipes that might feature in this new release.

Who are Pinch of Nom?

The authors Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone are behind the remarkable success story that is Pinch of Nom.

They once owned a restaurant on the Wirral, where Kate was head chef, and in 2016 launched their blog, which focuses on tried and tested slimming recipes.

From the start, community has been important to the pair, with their Facebook Group being a focus of their online activity.

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They gained 8,000 followers on Instagram in two months, and in their words, they knew “there was a special spirit and enthusiasm in the community that went way beyond their expectations”.

The rest, as they say, has been record-breaking history. 

Their first cookbook won rave reviews and was the fastest-selling of all time. Since then, two more titles have been published, and now their fourth is set for release in early December 2021.

What sort of recipes feature?

Pinch of Nom has a mission statement of teaching people how to cook.

Their focus is on healthy, slimming, full of flavour dishes – and this new book, Comfort Food, features 100 new recipes from snacks to main meals to desserts.

Think Katsu Chicken Bites, Steak and Chips Pie and Cheesy Aubergine Bake. In short, big flavours from easy to find ingredients.

Are the recipes new, or from previous books or the blog? How many are vegetarian or gluten-free?

The authors say that none of the dishes in this new book have appeared in previous titles. Twenty are described as ‘fan favourites’ from the website and the remaining 80 are brand new.

According to Pinch of Nom, 44 of the 100 in total are vegetarian recipes, and 47 are gluten free.

How much is the book?

It’s RRP is £20, although there are some offers available – at the time of writing, Amazon was offering a discount for shoppers who pre-order the book, which is released on 9 December 2021. See below for a link.

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